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Model's Name: Apple

Age: 21 Height: 165 Cm Weight: 46 Kg Size: 34B-27-38

One of the most sought for massage routines in any massage agency in Bangkok is the massage sex. In such a massage sex in Bangkok, you get to sit in a bathtub with massage girl (the masseuse) who will make sure that every part of your body is clean. After that, you get to take her to bed. One such teenage massage girl expert goes by the name of Apple.

One of the most important reasons why she is so popular is because of her curvaceous figure. You can evidently see proof of that through her photos. But it's all the better when you get to see it in person. Her facial features are second to none either. She is gorgeous to look at, and her dressing sense further enhances her looks. Her physique is also quite outstanding and is reminiscent to that of an A-grade model or something similar.

Massage sex treatment by teenage massage girl in Bangkok

As mentioned before, the area that Apple specializes in is that of massage sex. Without question, it is one of the most sensual and kinkiest types of massages you can receive from a teenage massage girl in Bangkok. This Thai girl here strives to make that experience even better for her clients. Over the years, she has been the go-to therapist when it comes to massage sex. She receives tons of requests for massage sex every day on a regular basis.

Overall, the best aspect of Apple is without question the fact that she is so classy in her behaviour and approach. To be fair, that is not something you would expect in a massage parlour from a masseuse in Bangkok. However, she breaks that stereotype by being calm and composed in almost everything she does without lowering any of the sexual intensity one would expect from her. That is one balancing act that is difficult to master for anyone.

Not only that, she is extremely friendly in nature and makes sure that you do not feel uncomfortable at any costs. Apple is definitely the kind of teenage massage girl who can get them up to speed. Her enthusiastic nature combined with her womanly attractiveness provides for a combo that is hard not to notice for any man. Massages sex naturally tend to get very hot and kinky and with Apple leading the way, it goes to a whole new level altogether.