Bangkok Outcall Sensual Nuru Massage Service

Bangkok Nuru massage

Bangkok Nuru massage is a hot slippery body rubs using Japanese Nuru gel. Nuru gel is much better than massage oil as it is chilly, so slippery and non-greasy moreover can be cleaned easily. In Japanese language Nuru meaning is slippery and providing erotic massage with Nuru gel gives a wonderful experiment that will make sensations and passions go to a climax entire your body and soul. Your Thai or foreign massage therapist will lead you through an erotic massage full of relaxation and fun.

Did you ever fantasize about a young beautiful girl sliding her elite body on yours? If you have not tried Nuru massage in Bangkok, we strongly advise the try this sensual experience. Just imagine a stunning nude young elite girl’s body gently slides over your body, soft and wet. Fancy the passionate sound of moaning from both of you, as you and therapist take pleasure in the delight of slipping bodies against each other; Seductive, emotional and wet. Certainly you cannot find anything amusing like it!


Outcall Bangkok Nuru Massage service is a wonderful experience provided with our Agency. Our Bangkok Nuru massage session initiates with a relaxing shower with your therapist and soapy massage during the time that the Nuru gel is heating to get ready. Your Thai or foreign massage therapist will lead you through an erotic massage full of relaxation and fun.

Clearly Bangkok Nuru Massage session is little more expensive than a traditional Thai massage service, as there are more things must be done during Nuru massage session and needs more thing to be prepared such as Nuru gel and also more cleaning up is needed. Nuru gel massage session will normally extend for two hours and ending with a mutual shower with your masseuse to clean your body of the Nuru gel. You definitely will feel revitalized and delighted.



Bangkok Nuru Massage technique synthesizes an exciting erotic slippery body slide and a full body sensual massage. The excitement of gently skin on skin sliding is ultimate fun, passionate, and very sexually arousing. We offer a really ultimate exotic massage experience in Bangkok. All of our massage therapists are young and sexy Thai and foreign ladies and they will come to your private hotel room or residence (Outcall Service). When you meet your masseuse, it is like meeting your friend with benefits.

Nothing is more fun and pleasant than having a sexy beautiful girl sliding over entire your body with her slippery elite body. It is an exceptional adventurous runaway from the tedium of daily life.