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The breast massage and yoni massage in Bangkok

The first question arises that what is the Breast massage and yoni massage in Bangkok? The most important thing is the meaning that is the word yoni means the vagina, so the massage done at vagina with love and respect is called to be the yoni massage.

The purpose of this outcall massage service in Bangok is not for the orgasm though it could be the side effect, but the other sides that it has the receive, trust and intimacy. The pleasure that one can feel, the bonding that one can have bonding and enjoyment too. There are various techniques that one may have to give the right way.

First and foremost is the place of the massage. The massage could be done in the place where one is comfortable. The one who is taking the massage must be empty in the stomach and has to lie back with pillows under the knees, hips and head. Next comes the breathing portion. The one who is giving and the one who is taking the massage should always have breadth out slowly.

The way of the massage should be done by pouring a little oil on the yoni. Then the slow breast massage and yoni massage in Bangkok should be done by the fingers and the palms. The clockwise and the anticlockwise motion may stimulate the lady, but one has to control by giving a deep and fast movement towards the g-spot. Sometimes it is essential for the insertion of the pinkie and middle finger.



The massage of the breast

Next and important part of a woman body is the breast. The breast massage is essential for the healthy development of the breast. The process of the massage is very simple. It could be done privately at home. It does not take out few moment or time to accomplish.

Getting breast massage helps to maintain the breast shape. If there is a fibrous area, then those areas should not be ignored nor can one face breast cancer. Even it helps to remove the highly toxified material from the body with the help of the lymphatic system. Even it helps for the healthy elasticity of the breast.

The best way is to go to an expert and do the massage if you are not familiar with the massage. They are that you’re doing the massage is quite sensible, and the texture may be rough or soft. A little amount of oil or cream is essential for the massage. Preferably white oil is good for the massage.

The age is the important factor. The pressure should be applied adequately. The more the pressure some may feel the pleasure but some may feel it hard. So do it firmly. To drain out the lymphatic fluid is essential for the one to drain out the fluid by massaging radially outward from the nipples during the breast massage and yoni massage in Bangkok.

Bangkok Outcall Tantric Massage Service (Tantra Massage) - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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Bangkok Tantra Massage Outcall Service (Tantric Massage)

Bangkok Tantric Massage Outcall Service

Bangkok Tantra Massage unwrap you to motion, sexual energy and breath consciousness. By exploiting sexual energy, we can provide a feeling of increasing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level and including all parts of the body healing and modification. Bangkok Tantra Massage is the gift of loving conscious touch. When we obtain this quality of sensual touch it can lead us to relieve any barriers, pressure and strain or stress that our body and mind may be kept onto. We can experience a deep relaxation and bringing harmony, compatibility, aliveness and passion.

Any areas of tension are soothed whereas senses become enhanced as attention is paid to every area of body during tantra massage session. This provides an improved sensitivity, a feeling of passion and a significant relaxation. Exploring the sense of sensual touch with different textures, pressures and gentle caresses, soothing the mind and feeling any stress and tension vanished.

Benefits of Our Bangkok Tantric Massage Outcall Service

Bangkok Tantric massage outcall service is favorite among people because it has many physical and mental advantages such as increased of rejuvenation, modifying of blood flow in the body, gaining flexibility and stance of the body, improving of breathing and immunity system as well as boosting to recover from depressing and sensual release. As tantric massage involves the improvement of circulation of body, also is good for soothe pains and the muscles relaxation which will also lead to better sleep generally in people that participate in this form of massage therapy. Tantric massage help with a diversity of other modifications making it a great stimulant for those who want to experience a deep sense of relaxation and pleasure.



There are many kinds of erotic massages and many massage providers in Bangkok so you have to find the right massage agency that will be able to offer you everything that you want to have a memorable pleasing tantric massage done. Bangkok tantric massage is perfect choice if you want to have all of your tensions disappear in a timely manner by meeting one of our beautiful and seductive male or female therapists performing the great tantric massage session in Bangkok.

Certainly you will be so delighted if you get a tantra massage done properly and you will have a pleasant impression that will make you wanting more and will make you wishing to fulfill your fantasy desires with a passionate tantric massage service, performed by an experienced massage masseuse or masseur in Bangkok. Make sure you get a perfect tantric massage done by agency that will fulfill all your desires to experience an unforgettable tantric massage done in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Erotic Massage for Couples (Couples Massage)

Erotic sensual Bangkok couples massage

Bangkok Outcall massage for couples is one of the most popular services we offer and is becoming the favorite amongst couples nowadays. We offer the most relaxing and pleasing Bangkok outcall couples massage service. You and your beloved partner will enjoy the wonders of service, either a therapeutic and traditional Thai massage or even erotic and sexual session. Presence of clients’ partner in the same place makes the performance less intimidating and lets both to feel more relaxed and delighted. Some people are nervous about experiencing erotic session but are more restful in the presence of their partner.

Couples massage session is a marvelously delightful and restful, experience for couples and is more adventurous if you decide to experience erotic session with your partner. During this relaxing erotic session, couples receive massages simultaneously beside together from different masseuses or masseurs. Both of you have option to choose male or female therapists for your session. Massage for couple offers lots of the same advantages as other kinds of massage however with some extra benefits.

Not similar to traditional massages in Bangkok that are applied solo, couples treatments let clients to try the session with their partner either friend or other partner intimately. This fondness gives tranquility to first-timers who probably feel nervous or excited about the erotic intimate massage service.



Erotic Couple Massage Outcall Service

Our Bangkok Couples Massage Services in Bangkok are ideal for curious partners who want to spice up their relationship and sexual life; or adventurous couple who wants to experience extra levels of excitement, kink, and thrill! Couple will be coddled, teased, and tempted by one of our impressive male or female therapists according your personal desires and fantasies.

Bangkok outcall Massage for couples is perfect for those partners who love to be perfectly pampered and seduced at the same place and the same time.  Participate in this exceptional erotic experience of a concurrent abreast sensual massage session in Bangkok. Be delighted in an amazing erotic mood of happiness with your partner for a magnificent time. Look at your partner’s reflexes to magical sensual techniques performed by expert therapist. Be moved to new passionate levels, experience new feeling and explore a way to enhance your vivacity and well-being using your sexual power in a new brilliant behavior.

Please call and book this service in advance. Our fully trained receptionist can assist you in selecting the best masseuse(s) for you.

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Four Hand Bangkok Massage Outcall Service

Bangkok erotic 4 hands massage

Four Hand Massage is defiantly one of the most amazing erotic massage services in Bangkok, four magical hands on your body let you to engage yourself in deep relaxation. For hand massage session is performed with preheated aromatic oil. The touchy hands of professional massage therapists work side by side on your body, the chest and the legs, or one therapist performs on the back, and another massage your feet.

During the four hand massage session it is very important that two therapists be consonant and performs the massage together synchronized. Both Therapists must to begin and finish the study of an area. Parallel to professional skills, knowledge and experience of the two therapists is very important too.

This wonderful technique performs delightful pressure on specific areas of your body to relieve tiredness and provide relaxation. The result of the four hand massage is not just because you get touched with two therapists at the same time; the mystery is about physiology of body.

During work of one therapist on one area of your body with sexually arousing touches and rubs, the second therapist will be performing sensual massage on other Area of your body and this compound of rubbing and sensual stroking is completely adequate to make everyone’s feeling in a spin!



Bangkok Duo Massage Outcall Service

Duo lesbian erotic massage for men, women & couplesIf you would like to take shower with two therapists before main massage session and get prepared for the main session this also can be done as an extra for your 4 handed massage service. The therapists will also make sure that the erotic massage session is done in a most tempting and sexual way, by ensuring that the place for massage is very convenience for you before starting the treatment with some relaxing and emotional music playing and very dimly lit atmosphere to totally make the whole erotic and sensual theme ready to go from the start of the erotic four hand massage experience.

You will feel completely relaxed and delighted after an exceptional four hands massage outcall in Bangkok with our professional masseurs and masseuses who know all the secrets of your body’s physiology! Professionalism and experience are two significant reasons that make so many of our clients return for the 4 hands massage experience in Bangkok with our agency.

We have many young and attractive male and female therapists as well as seductive Thai ladyboys who can perform four hand massages together in Bangkok. What you need is just contact us and our operators will assist you to choose the most suitable therapist partner to perform an unforgettable four hand massage for you in Thailand.

Bangkok Outcall Sensual Nuru Massage Service - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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Bangkok Outcall Sensual Nuru Massage Service

Bangkok Nuru massage

Bangkok Nuru massage is a hot slippery body rubs using Japanese Nuru gel. Nuru gel is much better than massage oil as it is chilly, so slippery and non-greasy moreover can be cleaned easily. In Japanese language Nuru meaning is slippery and providing erotic massage with Nuru gel gives a wonderful experiment that will make sensations and passions go to a climax entire your body and soul. Your Thai or foreign massage therapist will lead you through an erotic massage full of relaxation and fun.

Did you ever fantasize about a young beautiful girl sliding her elite body on yours? If you have not tried Nuru massage in Bangkok, we strongly advise the try this sensual experience. Just imagine a stunning nude young elite girl’s body gently slides over your body, soft and wet. Fancy the passionate sound of moaning from both of you, as you and therapist take pleasure in the delight of slipping bodies against each other; Seductive, emotional and wet. Certainly you cannot find anything amusing like it!


Outcall Bangkok Nuru Massage service is a wonderful experience provided with our Agency. Our Bangkok Nuru massage session initiates with a relaxing shower with your therapist and soapy massage during the time that the Nuru gel is heating to get ready. Your Thai or foreign massage therapist will lead you through an erotic massage full of relaxation and fun.

Clearly Bangkok Nuru Massage session is little more expensive than a traditional Thai massage service, as there are more things must be done during Nuru massage session and needs more thing to be prepared such as Nuru gel and also more cleaning up is needed. Nuru gel massage session will normally extend for two hours and ending with a mutual shower with your masseuse to clean your body of the Nuru gel. You definitely will feel revitalized and delighted.



Bangkok Nuru Massage technique synthesizes an exciting erotic slippery body slide and a full body sensual massage. The excitement of gently skin on skin sliding is ultimate fun, passionate, and very sexually arousing. We offer a really ultimate exotic massage experience in Bangkok. All of our massage therapists are young and sexy Thai and foreign ladies and they will come to your private hotel room or residence (Outcall Service). When you meet your masseuse, it is like meeting your friend with benefits.

Nothing is more fun and pleasant than having a sexy beautiful girl sliding over entire your body with her slippery elite body. It is an exceptional adventurous runaway from the tedium of daily life.